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"Re-engaging, Re-visioning, and Re-vitalizing Under the Cross of Christ"

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 District Youth Directors, Youth Directors, and Youth Youth Workers,

Convention Updates

We are looking forward to fun-spiritually "Under Construction" 2016 Youth Convention. The State Youth Director's  Leadership Team will be contacting districts to sing or perform during the Youth Convention. Please prepare your district to accept the engagements during the program time. The program will be released soon after the commitments have been accepted from the districts. Please help distribute the information among the state and district youth leaders.

Hotel Update

We have done it again! We sold out another hotel for 2016 Youth Convention held July 22-23, 2016 in Little Rock, AR. Our state leadership team has prepared another hotel for your stay. You may make your reservations at the Courtyard Marriott Downtown Little Rock. The phone number is 501-975-9800.  The rate for the Courtyard Marriott is $109 per night. The reservation code is CMB.

Registration Deadline and Mailing Process

Pre-Registration Deadline is July 10, 2016. Let us all adhere to the deadlines. To plan for a success convention, it take time to prepare for all youth coming to Little Rock. Please adhere to the updated mailing location of your registration form. All registration , and t-shirt forms need to be mail to CMBSC P.O. Box 34130 Little Rock, AR 72203.

Youth Officers

Director Moore has requested every district to send two names of Youth Officers to lead our convention activities. Please send those names to

2016 Dress Code   

Friday Morning: District T-Shirt or Local Church T-Shirt 

Males: Jeans or Khaki pants

Ladies: Jeans or Khaki skirts

Friday Evening:

Youth: Black and White (Everyone)

Males: White Shirt/ Black Pants

Ladies: White Shirt/ Black Skirts

District Personnel:

(i.e. Women's President, District Directors, Youth Directors, Youth Workers Ladies) All White

Men: Black and White.

Saturday Morning:

Youth: Convention T-Shirt/Jeans according to your department (i.e. Sunshine Band: Yellow, Red Circle: Red)

Males: Jeans or Khaki pants

Ladies: Jeans or Khaki skirts

More information and updates coming soon! Let's us reach one and save one! 



Youth Mission Statement

To improve awareness, emotional well being, intellect, social and cultural lifestyles that must be Bible based.This will be accomplished through workshops, classes, forums and seminars.We will implement innovative strategies to develop the whole youth adulthood.

Our Goal

Our goal is to acquaint young people with biblical knowledge to allow youth to see the difference in living for Christ as opposed to being a part of the world.