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Flint Project Results 


Flint Water Project
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March 14, 2016

TO:  President Edwards


SUBJ:  Water for Flint



Old Plan:


Our initial plan was to contact a local distributor and purchase pallets of water and have them delivered to a local distribution site for distribution.  This plan has since been amended after talking with the distribution site at First Trinity Baptist Church.  The new approach will allow us to maximize our dollars and get the most bang for our buck and optimize our efforts.


New Plan:


Purchase needed items from Sam’s Club in Flint Michigan and First Trinity Baptist Church will be responsible for picking the item up.  First Trinity can give us a detailed list of needed items but here is what they have stated so far:


  1. Bottle Water
  2. Gallon Water
  3. Baby Wipes


It was also suggested that we check with Sam’s to see if we can get a non-profit discount and if they would consider making a contribution to match our order as well.


Once all the monies are collected we can meet and decide how much and what items need to be purchased based upon our resources.





Rev. K. C. McKenney

Chairman of State Home Mission

Church Contact Information


First Trinity Baptist Church

1226 Beach Street

Flint, MI 48502

Pastor, Ezra Tillman


(313) 443-7136 (Pastor’s cell)

Click on this link to see the great work they are doing to address the Flint Water Crisis