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"Re-engaging, Re-visioning, and Re-vitalizing Under the Cross of Christ"

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The Convention's Mission Statement


The Consolidated Missionary Baptist State Convention of Arkansas is the collaboration and association of Missionary Baptist Churches in the State of Arkansas. The Convention strives to provide an avenue for Christian Missions, Education, Evangelism, and Benevolence for the members of the various associations and churches. The Convention also provides leadership and assistance to her school, Arkansas Baptist College.


Capsule of The President's Vision

     Dr. Jerry Young, the president of our National Baptist Convention has challenged us to "Envision the Future Exceptionally." That is, to view our potential to address the issues which are ahead of us and to provide solutions, and the possibilities for advancement of our work with unprecedented hope and promise. For us, as the Consolidated Missionary Baptist State Convention of Arkansas this view is locked in a theme - "Re-engaging, Re-visioning, and Revitalizing Under the Cross of Christ." 

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145th Extended Session Highlights
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Verse of the Day



Sunday School Publishing Board 

December Conference 2016

by Bryant Whitted


The CMBSC of Arkansas Foreign Mission Board and President C. Dennis Edwards 

I appreciate your loyal support in helping us to share the Gospel of Christ with the world. We have made significant strides in fulfilling this mandate from God --- but there is still work to do. We pray that you will continue to walk with us as we canvas the world for God --- Re-engaging, Re-visioning and Re-vitalizing  them under the Cross of Christ as we go.


Please click on the you-tube presentation below and prayerfully respond to our appeal. 


God Bless,


Foreign Mission Board

Frederick S. Anthony, Chairman

J. Y. Williams, Jr., Secretary


by F. S. Anthony


-Upcoming Events-

Consolidated Missionary Baptist 

State Convention Annual Session

Dr. C. Dennis Edwards, President

November 19-22, 2017

St. John Missionary Baptist Church

Little Rock, Arkansas

Convention's Schedule of Events

Welcome Program and Musical

Sunday night starting at 6:00 pm

Hotel Group Landing Page Link

Sis. Jeanne Moss, President of the Woman’s Auxiliary


The 8th Annual Prayer Breakfast and

The 35th Lillie A. Haynes Scholarship Banquet

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The Foreign Mission Board needs you support to help us reach our financial portion of Malawi’s 2017 annual budget of $89,610.00. Therefore, we are asking Pastors, Churches, District Associations, CMBSC members and friends to do the following things:


·         Make monthly contributions to the CMBSC Foreign Mission Board as led by the Holy Spirit.


o   Suggested Amounts:


o   Pastors:                                                      $25.00 or more

o   Churches:                                                   $50.00 or more

o   District Associations                               $75.00 or more

o   CMBSC Members & Friends:                $15.00 or more


·         Bring a liberal donation for Foreign Mission to each of the CMBSC sessions.


·         Ask Pastors to receive donations for Foreign Missions each 5th Sunday.


Mail all donations to CMBSC of Arkansas, Inc., P.O. Box 34130, Little Rock, Arkansas 72203.


Frederick S. Anthony, Chairman

J. Y. Williams, Jr., Executive Secretary



 Report from the NBC Mid-Winter Board

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Reverend Bryan Whitted, Third Vice President, Osceola

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