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"Re-engaging, Re-visioning, and Re-vitalizing Under the Cross of Christ"

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The Convention's Mission Statement


The Consolidated Missionary Baptist State Convention of Arkansas is the collaboration and association of Missionary Baptist Churches in the State of Arkansas. The Convention strives to provide an avenue for Christian Missions, Education, Evangelism, and Benevolence for the members of the various associations and churches. The Convention also provides leadership and assistance to her school, Arkansas Baptist College.


Capsule of The President's Vision

     Dr. Jerry Young, the president of our National Baptist Convention has challenged us to "Envision the Future Exceptionally." That is, to view our potential to address the issues which are ahead of us and to provide solutions, and the possibilities for advancement of our work with unprecedented hope and promise. For us, as the Consolidated Missionary Baptist State Convention of Arkansas this view is locked in a theme - "Re-engaging, Re-visioning, and Revitalizing Under the Cross of Christ." 

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Dr. Edwards Opening of Extended Session

145th Extended Session Highlights
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-Upcoming Events-


Remaining Events For 2016 


National Congress

June 20-24 | Tampa Convention Center | Tampa, Florida 


Southwest Regional Laymen Workshop



National Convention 

September 5-9 | Kansas City, Missouri


CMBSC Annual Session

November 20-23 | TBA


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1. CMBSC Youth Meeting 

2. Jr. Laymen Meeting 

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