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"Re-engaging, Re-visioning, and Re-vitalizing Under the Cross of Christ"

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Dean's Page

82nd Annual Session of the
Consolidated Missionary Baptist State Congress of Christian Education

June 5-9

First Baptist Church

2015 Main Street

Little Rock, Arkansas 72114

To: The Consolidated Missionary Baptist State Congress of Christian Education

From: Dean F. L. Smith Greetings:

As Dean of our state congress, I am excited and most appreciative for the confidence that you have extended to me and the Dean’s staff to serve in the capacity of providing an avenue for Christian education for another year. We are grateful to our convention president, Dr. Edwards, and our congress president, Dr. Richardson, for their support of the Dean and his staff as we continue to promote Christian education as the cornerstone of the Consolidated Missionary Baptist State Convention (CMBSC). Our 2017 congress theme is Envisioning the Future Exceptionally—As We Are Equipping Disciples for Christ. Our scripture references are John 16:13, Galatians 5:22-23, Ephesians 4:12-13, and II Timothy 3:16-17. As we prepare to envision our place in history in the next few years, Christian education will be the main forum that undergirds our initiatives. Our goal is to provide diverse educational opportunities for pastors, lay leaders, and church members to be exposed to the best ministry resources available. 

The CMCSC Congress of Christian Education affords opportunities for relevant and innovative models of ministry that both enlighten and inform. It provides initiatives that support the convention’s charge of equipping pastors and churches to be more effective in ministry to lift our voices on behalf of the voiceless.

*The lecture series will be as follows:

Tuesday—Equipping the Church to Serve After the Benediction—Lecturer, Rev. Jamel Wesley, Eighth St. Baptist Church, Little Rock

Wednesday—The Effects of Mental Health in the Black Church and the Black Community—Lecturer, Rev. Byrd, St. Peter Baptist Church, Little Rock

Thursday—Conflict in the African American Church—Rev. Pierce Moore, First Baptist Church, El Dorado

*Congress Focus and Goal

The church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is still being challenged with the same old enemy. He is disguising himself in a new way which threatens the sacred foundation of which the church was founded. Matthew 16: 18. Christian education continues to be the bedrock of this congress. The mission and vision of the Consolidated Missionary Baptist State Convention (CMBSC) is to combat the force of evil that has revealed itself on every level of human existence.

This congress continues to move forward in achieving and succeeding the standard, and we are constantly being challenged to equip our pastors and lay persons in effective ministry to make disciples for Jesus Christ. Our goal is to provide diverse Christian education resources to make our churches stronger and more influential. It is our belief that our Congress of Christian Education is blessed to have gifted and skilled instructors that will provide relevant and innovative models of ministry.

I believe that our education components offer workshops and courses that are on the cutting edge and meet the challenges of our community today.

The goal of the Congress is to continue to be intense to ensure that pastors and laypersons are offered the courses that lead them to relevant and transformative ministry. We want to be the “work horse” and the workforce that promotes global Christian education to meet the needs of people everywhere I look forward to our continued collaboration to ensure that our state congress of Christian education provides the training necessary to equip our delegates who attend.


Rev. F. L. Smith, Dean


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