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"Re-engaging, Re-visioning, and Re-vitalizing Under the Cross of Christ"

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The Convention has the following auxiliary bodies:


State Congress of Christian Education, Women’s Auxiliary, Laymen, and any other auxiliary the Convention may deem profitable to form.


Each auxiliary is permitted to raise funds for the work of the Convention.All funds are reported to the Convention Treasurer who, in turn and upon approval, will allocate requested expenditures.The Treasurer supply each auxiliary leader with the necessary requisition forms.


All other officers are appointed and serve as ancillaries of the Convention President.



The Mission of the Arkansas Consolidated Missionary Baptist State Congress is to provide for the Christian Education of the Convention that equips the members of the Churches and Associations to know Jesus Christ better and to make Jesus Christ better known.


Women Department 


We pledge to continue our efforts in behalf of our Convention: to more adequately and compassionately serve the needs of the women of our Convention and women around the world.


Youth Mission Statement

To improve awareness, emotional well being, intellect, social and cultural lifestyles that must be Bible based.This will be accomplished through workshops, classes, forums and seminars.We will implement innovative strategies to develop the whole youth adulthood.

Our Goal

Our goal is to acquaint young people with biblical knowledge to allow youth to see the difference in living for Christ as opposed to being a part of the world.


D. R. Crossley
542 Crescent Street
Hot Springs, AR 71901
The Moderator’s Department continues to empower our leaders through the continual growth of our congregations, district association and state conventions, which have been entrusted to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Ministers Division



In order that laymen may meet the demands, which God and the church impose upon them, they must organize themselves into meaningful, purposeful groups. These groups must have a firm foundation, purpose and a clear direction in formulating objectives. Dr. Jesse Jai McNeil describes the purpose of the Laymen’s Movement best in his book, “Men in the Local Church”.

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In 1895, The 'National Baptist Convention's'Home Mission Board began its work of promoting and providing Christ-centered missions throughout the Continental United States and the Virgin Islands, primarily to the benefit of local pastors and churches. (More info ...)



Foriegn Mission


Frederick S.  Anthony


Old Saint Paul Church

504 South 8th Street/P.O. Box 1116

West Memphis, AR 72301-03

Phone:  870-735-0941




The Foreign Mission Board is hard at work providing financial support, and spiritual outpouring by those called to support or serve foreign missionary work.The support we receive allows us to continue building churches, schools, and outreach ministries, in developing nations—touching some of the most remote places in the world.


 Music and Worship Arts
Dr. Kenneth Harris
We pray that each session will be another opportunity for the Music Auxiliary to seize and spread the message that all Music of the Church must be Worshipful, Praiseworthy, Biblically Sound, Theologically Sound and done with a “Spirit of Excellence.”