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"Re-engaging, Re-visioning, and Re-vitalizing Under the Cross of Christ"

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About Us
We are messengers from Missionary Baptist Churches and Associations in the Convention. We wish to carry on more effectively the work of Christian Missions, Christian Education, Christian Benevolence and Charity, and the other religious enterprises that may seem right and best to further promote and strengthen the unity of our faith and practice.




Any Missionary Baptist Church or Association of the State of Arkansas is eligible for membership in this Convention.


Financial Qualifications – The financial objective of this Convention is to inspire and lead the CMBSC churches of the state into the practice of paying the basis of representation designated on the current registration form.

Each Church with less than four hundred (400) members will be entitled to three (3) messengers, namely, the pastor or designee, and two other persons; any church having more than four hundred members will be entitled to one additional messenger for every additional one hundred and fifty (150) members.It is further provided, however, that no church shall have more than eight (8) messengers regardless of its membership.

This Convention is composed of pastors or designees, and messengers sent by churches and associations that wish to cooperate with the Convention and work in harmony with its principles and purposes.

Any district association may be reinstated into the Consolidated Missionary Baptist State Convention of Arkansas if it follows the prescribed rules as set forth in the Constitution of the CMBSC.

The financial objective of this Convention is to support Arkansas Baptist College, home and foreign missions, state and national congresses, and other ministries of the CMBSC.